Are You Suffering From Shoulder Pain Or Mobility Problems?

If you suffer from shoulder injuries, rotator cuff tears, shoulder degeneration, arthritis, or bursitis then Keller Disc and Spine may be able to help with a non-surgical solution called Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy. Imagine being able to have complete range of motion that’s pain-free once again. Whether it’s from old age or an injury, stem cells have been helping people take control and enjoy their lives more by restoring natural healthy shoulder function and live without pain.

Stem cells are rapidly becoming one of the best long-term solutions for people suffering with shoulder pain. We invite you to learn more about our stem cell therapy practices for shoulder pain relief below. Please keep in mind that all of our stem cells were received ethically and without causing anyone harm. We are proud of the way we provide regenerative stem cell therapy to all of our patients here in Keller, TX.

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

Both new and 20 year old shoulder injuries caused from overexertion, hyper-extension, or accidents can lead to years of unsolved pain and frustration if not properly treated. Whether you receive an injury in sports such as swimming, weight lifting or baseball (pitching); or if you get injured working at home gardening, cleaning, or even hanging Christmas lights, the shoulder isn’t very forgiving. Sometimes pain may come and go, feel worse during certain activities to where you avoid them altogether.

If this sounds like something that’s happened to you and you’re looking for pain relief that lasts and you want to avoid going into surgery, stem cell therapy could be the appropriate solution for your shoulder injury. If you haven’t yet heard, stem cell treatments have been proven to have healing properties for damaged and inflamed tissues and ligaments within the body.

shoulder rotator cuff repair

With the advancements in stem cell research, regenerative medicine procedures such as amniotic regenerative stem cell therapy can now treat shoulder injuries non-invasively. If you’re interested in a prescription drug-free, steroid-free, surgery-free solution, contact Keller Disc and Spine in Keller, TX for your FREE consultation with Dr. Michael Gray.

Rotator Cuff Repair Using Stem Cell Therapy

The rotator cuff is far more delicate than most people expect. Within your shoulder lies a ball-and-socket joint that allows the arm bone to move freely inside of the socket of your shoulder blade. Now, the rotator cuff is held in place by four tendons to secure the arm bone in place within the socket. Inflammation and tears can be caused by hyper-extension, improper rotation such as forcing it to move in various rotating movements at the same time.

It’s very common for athletes, weight lifters, and people that overuse their shoulder to see more rapid wear and tear, causing pain and many times leaving you feeling weak or unable to lift your arm. If you’re suffering from any of these debilitating issues, please contact our Keller, TX pain relief office for a stem cell therapy consultation. We also host two seminars each month to educate on the benefits of methods we use in our regenerative stem cell treatments.

Shoulder Degeneration

Shoulder degeneration really means that the cartilage that surrounds and protect the bones in the shoulder goes through progressive damage caused by increased friction and inflammation which both cause more and more pain over time. The way regenerative stem cell therapy works, is that we use stem cells acting as immune cells to target the damaged tissues to reduce inflammation and scar tissue to allow the shoulder to heal. By reducing the inflammation and scar tissue, the immune system can work faster to healing the damage within the shoulder joint.