Stem Cell Therapy For Patients With Torn Meniscus / Osteoarthritis

Have you been told that your knee pain is caused by a torn meniscus and that a meniscectomy will relieve your knee pain and restore function? Stem Cell Therapy offers a non-surgical option for effectively treating meniscus tears with more than a 90% success rate and without side effects. Stem cell therapy targeting the meniscus uses mesenchymal stem cells to promote the body’s natural healing agents to repair the damage to your meniscus.

If you don’t know the story of my knee already, I myself suffered from a torn meniscus and ACL that had worsened to the point of needing surgery. Instead of surgery, I chose stem cell treatment for my torn meniscus and ACL. I now walk, run, and can go up and down stairs, living my life to the fullest without knee pain.

If you want to avoid surgery on your torn meniscus and/or osteoarthritis, call our Stem Cell Therapy office in Keller, TX at (817) 656-1615 or use our simple online form and schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Michael Gray to discuss stem cell therapy solutions and put you back in control of your life.

Meniscus, Knee Pain, & Osteoarthritis

The meniscus is a thin fibrous cartilage tissue between the surface of the knee that acts as a cushion and stabilizes the joint and protects the bones from grinding and wearing down. The meniscus isn’t impervious to damage. With a simple twist of the knee, the meniscus can tear and sometimes the shredded cartilage can break loose and catch in the knee, causing the knee to lock up.

If you have a torn meniscus, there’s nothing protecting your bones from grinding on each other. There are actually several torn meniscus knee pain symptoms including:

  • Initial popping feeling during the Injury
  • Knee Pain
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty straightening or bending your leg
  • Knee locks up occasionally

Now, many doctors will recommend at least a partial meniscectomy to alleviate the pain at the cost of a higher likelyhood of getting arthritis or needing knee replacement in the future. With surgery, the frayed pieces of the meniscus are removed and it become smaller and thinner, which will put your knee at risk of overload. You may also still experience pain at times, even with the surgery.

What Happens When Your Knee Is Overloaded

If your knee is overloaded, the articular cartilage protecting your knee can be damaged, and cause osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis generally occurs to people middle-aged or older and develops over time. However, for those that are overweight or have a previous injury, the damage to the joint can be accelerated.

Treatment for Torn Meniscus and Osteoarthritis

At Keller Disc and Spine, we offer Stem Cell Therapy to repair the cartilage, reduce or even remove knee pain, restore natural mobility and function, and strengthen the meniscus so that the injury doesn’t return over time. The procedure only takes a few hours and can be provided at our Keller, TX office in our stem cell therapy injection room.

The important things to note about stem cell therapy is that:

  • The operation only requires local anesthesia
  • You can see a quick recovery
  • There’s no side effects
  • There’s a minimal risk of infection or allergic reaction
  • You can avoid knee joint surgery or replacement!

The human body is incredible and made up of billions of specialize cells constantly going through degenerative and regenerative processes. With the new cells being created, there are stem cells created with the unique ability to transform into any other type of cell. As we age, we regenerate fewer stem cells and the healing process is slowed. By using young, adult mesenchymal stem cells, we can inject concentrated amounts into the knee and affected area to stimulate rapid healing.

Visit Us for a Consultation on Your Torn Meniscus / Osteoarthritis

If you want a second or third opinion before getting surgery on your meniscus or osteoarthritis, there may be an opportunity to prevent knee surgery through stem cell treatment. All we need is to find a little bit of meniscus tissue left in the knee to inject the stem cells into and start healing your knee.

Interested in a non-surgical option?

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