Do You Suffer From Hip Or A Hip Joint Condition?

The hip joint is meant for repeated motion and should provide smooth easy movement within the joint socket. Inbetween the bones of the hip and leg, there is cartilage to prevent bone on bone friction and grinding. With age and use, as with everything in the body, that cartilage within the hip joint can wear thin and tear. Between the pain caused by age and use, muscles and tendons being pushed beyond their limits, and the potential for the hip bone to fracture or break there are plenty of conditions that can cause hip pain.

If your hips are sore or hurting, or if you’ve already been to a doctor and they’ve told you that surgery is an option, then based on your hip condition, stem cell therapy could be a side-effect free and non-surgical option to hip repair. If you want to find out if you can avoid hip surgery, visit our Keller, TX stem cell therapy office for a FREE Consultation!

Causes of Hip Pain

When it comes to hip pain, there are five main causes that affect about 90% of patients:

  • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the most common types of hip pain and generally affect older adults due to age and common wear and tear that leads to inflammation within the hip joint, speeding up the breakdown of the cartilage between the bones that cushion your hip and leg bones. This type of pain will gradually progress over time. You will also notice stiffness and reduced range of motion.
  • Bursitis. When the liquid sacs between the bone and tissues in the muscle and tendons rub together due to friction, they get inflamed and cause pain. You will most likely notice this type of pain due to repetitive strenuous activities and are common from sports and work-related issues.
  • Hip Fractures. With age, and especially in women bones become weak and brittle and can break during a fall.
  • Tendinitis. Tendons and ligaments build strength and durability slower than muscles. This means they can easily become inflamed and painful when under a lot of continuous stress.
  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon strain. Putting your body to its’ limits regularly during repetitive activities can put strain on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Overuse of body parts creates friction and inflammation, and again causes pain.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain and Hip Injuries

As you can tell, there are quite a few potential culprits to causing hip pain and hip injuries that can make it difficult to walk, stand and sit. It’s important to understand which cause is truely to blame and then provide the right treatment. As a chiropractor of more than 35 years, we can quickly detect what the true cause of your hip pain is and offer a solution.

Whether you have osteroarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, or osteonecrosis, Keller Disc and Spine’s highly experienced doctors have an incredible 96% success rate for relieving patients of their pain. If you’re looking for a free consultation for hip pain or same-day stem cell injections or therapy, Keller Disc and Spine offers everything from initial education into stem cells, personal testimonies of success (If you don’t already know, I’m a success story myself), and quality patient care and understanding. Our regenerative stem cell procedures treat all of the damage and underlying conditions that are causing you hip pain. Our stem cell specialists are able to use amniotic regenerative stem cell therapy to completely rebuild and strengthen the damaged tissues within your hip, relieving pain and improving your quality of life quickly and without side effects.

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