Stem Cell Therapy

If you suffer from degenerative orthopedic conditions, muscle or tendon damage, peripheral neuropathy, or over use injuries, you may be able to receive life-changing treatment using stem cells. Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive with a high success rate and a great option for those seeking to avoid surgery. Tissue transplantation therapies are changing the way we look at regenerative cellular medicine.

People living in pain caused from past injuries and general wear and tear on their joints are finding out that stem cell therapy and stem cell injections can reduce and remove their pain while healing their body quickly and safely. We even have world class athletes repair and recover from injuries without surgery and help their bodies heal naturally thanks to the advancements of regenerative cellular medicine.

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What Are Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells are precursor cells that have not yet specialized into specific cell types.  These “miracle-worker” cells have the ability to become every type of cell in the body (220 different cell types) including bone, cartilage, fat, or other connective tissues. These types of cells are essential for the body to naturally repair damaged and dying cells.

Unfortunately, our supply of stem cells decreases with age which causes our body’s ability to repair itself to decrease as well. Due to recent advancements in the biological sciences, however, we are now able to ethically obtain and safely transfer stem cells to patients to assist in recovery and regeneration.

stem cell differentiation

How Are the Stem Cells Obtained?

amniotic fluid fetus

Amniotic fluid from the placenta (Cryo Preserved) 

  • Amniotic stem cells have “immune privilege,” since they do not contain the proteins that cause an adverse immune reaction.
  • The AM also contains a mix of bioactive factors such as collagen, cell adhesion molecules, and growth factors, all of which promote the healing process.
  • Donors are healthy, with no diseases or drug use and are between 18-45 years old.
  • Placenta (which in the past was typically discarded) is collected aseptically along with amniotic fluid
  • Sterilely processed according to strict FDA regulations.

Regenerative Medicine

Despite great leaps in medicine, there are still many diseases, injuries, and congenital conditions that have few if any effective treatments. Oftentimes all a clinician can do is prescribe medications to temporarily reduce the pain of the patient. However, regenerative medicine is revolutionizing the medical world with its ability to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, providing hope for those with conditions previously thought irreparable.

Recent research has given practitioners the tools needed to not only refine existing regenerative therapies but also to create new, innovative treatments with excellent results. Regenerative medicine provides patients with affordable and effective solutions that heal the body from within.

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regenerative medicine stem cell therapy services
Anti-aging medicine

Stem Cells for Anti-Aging

Stem cell therapy has finally reached a point where we can say with certainty that it makes elderly people stronger. More and more people are throwing out their painkillers and problematic hardware for infusions of multi-purpose stem cells that can specialize into the cell types that they need the most. These infusions have been shown to reduce frailty and boost the immune system and cardiovascular strength. Recent research suggests that stem cell therapy might even combat Alzheimer’s disease!

As you get older, the amount of stem cells available to you drops. This low supply of stem cells makes repairing damage in your body a much more difficult task. As a result, you are more likely to develop inflammation – an issue that is the cause of many of the problems we associate with aging. With the introduction of cosmetic stem cells, your body miraculously gains the ability to repair damage at levels not seen since youth.

Call us today at (817) 656-1615 and ask about this opportunity to rid yourself of pain and ache in the body, without the need for painkillers.

Shoulder / Rotator Cuff Repair

The number one cause for shoulder pain in America is rotator cuff injuries. This is when the tendons in the shoulder become inflamed causing difficulty with pain and mobility. Other reasons for shoulder pain include arthritis, pinched nerves, torn cartilage, frozen shoulder, bursitis, tendonitis, or a dislocated shoulder. Typically it is overuse injuries from sports and work that damages the joint in the shoulder.

Regenerative therapy is changing the way shoulder injuries are treated. Stem cell treatments are reducing the need for invasive shoulder surgeries and allow patients to recover much faster than before. Injections of stem cells into the damaged area of the shoulder are accurately placed using image guidance. Joints tend to be injected using live x-ray guidance while tendons usually require ultrasound to carry out the injections. Regenerative medicine is a very effective method for treating both partial tears in the rotator cuff and cartilage damage from acute injury and chronic degeneration.

If you suffer from shoulder pain or have a rotator cuff injury, find out more about our shoulder stem cell treatments by calling or emailing us today.

shoulder rotator cuff repair stem cell therapy services
hip and joint pain relief stem cell therapy services

Hip & Joint Pain Relief

Hip joint pain refers to pain felt in the area around the hip joint extending to the groin and thigh. This pain is usually a result of inflamed tendons caused by over use injuries. This pain can be severe but generally goes away after a few days. Long-term hip joint pain is caused by arthritis in most cases. About 20% of Americans will exhibit hip arthritis symptoms, usually in the form of pain, stiffness, or difficulty walking. Hip joint pain can also be caused by hip fractures, osteonecrosis, snapping hip syndrome, or bursitis.

Using advanced imaging guidance, our team will introduce a high concentration of stem cells into the exact area where damage is found. Doing so greatly enhances the natural repair process of damaged tendons, ligaments, and joints in the hip.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Gray and his team of medical experts to get started on your journey to a complete hip and joint recovery. Our medical staff is waiting to help you live a more active, pain free life.

Knee Repair

Knee pain is a widespread problem in America that prevents many people from participating in their favorite sporting activities. It can get so severe that patients are unable to work productively at their jobs. Desperate for a cure, patients will undergo painful knee surgeries or get their knees replaced entirely.

There is an easier, less-invasive treatment available now. Injecting autologous stem cells into a knee is a viable solution for fractures, degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis, as well as ligament and tendon injuries.

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knee repair stem cell therapy services
carpal tunnel stem cell therapy services

Carpal Tunnel Solutions

Researchers have found that carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerve disorder, afflicting approximately 4-10 million Americans. Patients with this condition experience pain, numbness, and weakness in the hands and wrists. The carpal tunnel contains the median nerve and nine flexor tendors to the fingers and can be found just beneath the skin’s surface of the wrist on the palm side of the hand. The nine flexor tendors help your fingers to flex and bend. The median nerve allows for muscle function and feeling in the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when that median nerve is compressed.

Carpal tunnel has a variety of causes, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Injury to the wrist
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Nerve disorders
  • Hormonal changes with pregnancy
  • Overuse of the wrist area
  • Age

Our carpal tunnel treatment involves image guidance for precision injections of stem cells to the damaged area in the wrist. This will prevent inflammation in the carpal tunnel and allow for the wrist to heal itself.

Give our office a call at (817) 656-1615 to schedule a consultation for your carpal tunnel syndrome and leave your wrist pain behind for good.

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