Four Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor

Experienced chiropractor performing adjustments to relieve back pain

While there could be a thousand reasons not to visit a chiropractor, the reason why you should is the one you should listen to: it will benefit your well-being and enable you to live life more purposefully. Scheduling the first visit may be weighing on you or perhaps you haven’t even made up your mind that you should see a chiropractor, but these reasons are a great list to run through to determine if regular chiropractic checkups can be a benefit to you. 

Pain, Pain, Go Away

The most obvious and common reason you might decide to see a chiropractor is because you have been dealing with nagging back pain, neck pain or recurring headaches that just doesn’t seem to go away. Stretches and yoga might loosen up those muscles and lessen the aches, but for how long does relief last? You might have all but given up on finding relief on your own and you know you can’t continue swallowing pain relievers multiple times in a day. 

Back pain can come from any number of sources including physical conditions such as scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease or disc herniation. However, poor posture and less than ideal sleeping positions also pose a threat to your spinal well-being if left unattended long enough.

Back and neck pain might not seem like much of an issue when they first arise, but if left untreated, they can become a nemesis in no time at all. Rather than assuming that this pain is something you must simply deal with, schedule a call with a local chiropractor to see what they would recommend for treatment and how it could benefit you. Often, providers will use a mix of adjustments, manipulation, spinal decompression and even massage therapy to target the problem areas. 

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

Whether you are drawn to pick-up basketball and are just lucky enough to make a lay-up, or you are training for another marathon, you have likely experienced some form of injury, whether minor or major. While broken bones must be mended, many injuries can be dealt with utilizing a well thought-out chiropractic treatment plan. Of course you hope that injury doesn’t befall you, but when the pain sets in, it is important to take an active role in your recovery. 

You don’t have to experience back or neck pain to visit a chiropractor – you can seek treatment for knees, shoulders, ankles and even wrists! Be sure to research what sort of treatment your chiropractor specializes in and whether the goals he or she discusses align with your own. The quickest way to getting back into your active lifestyle is to be proactive and seek the help of sports therapy chiropractors.

Digestive Tract Benefits

Chiropractors can perform adjustments that specifically target nerves that connect the spinal tract to the digestive system. These adjustments can improve digestive tract function by properly aligning the spinal vertebrae. When vertebrae are even slightly out of alignment, your digestive tract is likely not absorbing nutrients effectively. Spinal adjustments can also help to mitigate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease as well as relieving constipation and bloating. 

Regular adjustments to the part of your spine that communicates with the digestive tract can be beneficial if you are someone who has struggled with digestive issues without reprieve. They may very well keep you ‘regular’ yourself, prevent constipation, and improve vitamin and mineral absorption. 

Non-Medication Options for Relief

Whether it’s on the radio, television or in a magazine, you can rarely look through any media without coming across an ad for a medication that claims to provide relief from any number of ailments. Of course, these medications also come with a slew of side effects, even though they are deemed ‘safe and effective.’ No longer must you accept that medication is the only way to control undesirable symptoms. 

Regenerative medicine and chiropractic care is a natural alternative to combating illness and injury. One of the great things about visiting a chiropractor is that your conditions will be treated utilizing a natural approach to wellness, free from harsh medications and negative potential side effects. 

Look No Further Than Keller Disc and Spine

If you are ready to take the leap into chiropractic care that focuses on providing pain relief, solutions for spinal problems and treatment for sports injuries, contact Keller Disc and Spine today. The professionals at Keller Disc and Spine have been treating patients for over 30 years in Keller, Texas and we look forward to serving you too!

Written By Michael Gray
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