1 06, 2022

What Is Spinal Decompression?


Lasting back and neck pain is not a new concept for the majority of the world populus. Neither are headaches, and even a tingling feeling in your legs and other extremities. But what isn't always as clear is the options you have to relieve the discomfort. One is to have invasive and costly surgeries that may or may not alleviate your symptoms. Another is an in office visit with a spinal specialist that uses spinal decompression therapy to gently and carefully stretch the spine to allow healing to begin.  How Spinal Decompression Works Life is [...]

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17 01, 2019

Welcome to Keller Disc and Spine


Keller Disc and Spine is proud to announce our new website, as we're looking to make it easier to reach us, confirm information, and most importantly add valuable information on the great new breakthroughs with stem cell therapy and experienced chiropractic care. The Amazing World of Stem Cell Therapy: Stem Cells are the majority of what we do at Keller Disc and Spine. Stem cells and regenerative therapy are still widely misunderstood. That's why our goal here at Keller Disc and Spine is to educate on the process and especially where stem cells come from. You can learn more [...]

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