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Dr. Michael Gray moved to Ft. Worth and started his own private chiropractic office in April 1984.
Now, over 30 years later as Keller Disc and Spine in Keller, TX, we are the known specialists in sports therapy and pain relief

In 2017, Dr. Gray established an integrated medical practice to expand the services he could offer the citizens of North East Tarrant County. Keller Disc and Spine, PLLC began serving patients in January 2017. Our staff expanded to include a nurse practitioner, anesthesiologist, and orthopedist. All of our regenerative cellular therapies are provided by our medical staff while Dr. Gray continues to provide chiropractic services. With the advancements of stem cell research and three decades of experience, our Keller pain relief office is providing “stem cell therapy” and regenerative restorative therapies to relieve pain and heal injuries for thousands of patients. We have successfully helped more than 20,000 patients in the past 33 years with a 96% success rate that’s far above the national average of only 84%.

While we provide chiropractic care to relieve headaches, spinal problems, low back pain, and sports injuries, our focus is to educate and offer solutions to our community through the benefits of PRP, Synvisc, Hyaluronic Acid, and other non-surgical treatments that many know as stem cell therapy provided by our medical staffed.

The Keller Disc and Spine COMMITMENT

Quality Care and Education

While we provide chiropractic care to relieve headaches, spinal problems, low back pain, and sports injuries, our focus is to educate and offer solutions to our community through the benefits of PRP, Synvisc, Hyaluronic Acid, and other non-surgical treatments that many know as stem cell therapy provided by our medical staff.

Our medical clinic and the team that works with Dr. Michael Gray at Keller Disc and Spine is capable of providing a wide variety of solutions so that we're able to help more patients where and how they need it. If you have questions, we're also able to provide answers and explain what's causing the pain so that you can make the most educated regarding your health.

our incredible team

The Skilled Team Behind Keller Disc and Spine

Our doctors and staff come from a wide range of abilities, accomplishments, and educations to bring our Keller residents the best in regenerative medicine and chiropractic care.

Dr. Eugene Wyszynski

Dr. Eugene Wyszynski

Medical Director
Dr. Arthur Michael Gray

Dr. Michael Gray D.C.

Clinic Director & Experienced Chiropractor
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Ready to Treat the Source of Your Pain

At Keller Disc and Spine, we aim to treat the source of the pain and not the pain itself. If you're looking for a better solution for your pain relief, schedule an appointment today.


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What People Have to Say About Keller Disc and Spine

Based on 41 reviews
Laura Hirsch
Laura Hirsch
Dr. Gray is awesome. Have seen him for chiropractic for years. And have gotten 4 stem cell injections through his practice. Last one was on my hip that had been hurting for years. It is pain free! Go see him! He and his staff are awesome!
raul guzman
raul guzman
My son came to Dr Gray and every time he exited without pain, Me ?? More than 10 Years with back pain until I decided to give it a try with Dr Gray. After xrays he said I needed a spinal decompression treatment and me very skeptical BUT he offered a free session on machine! Nothing to lose right? I walked out of the office with way less pain i walked in 1 hour before treatment! I signed for treatment and 15 sessions later I am pain free ! Feeling is great!! Thanks Dr Gray
Heather Ogg
Heather Ogg
Love Dr. Gray and his entire staff! I have received stem cells in my shoulder and the pain has been completely gone for a year now. My son has also had stem cells with no pain at all afterwards. We started out as just Chiropractic clients, but after seeing what his clinic had to offer, we won't go anywhere else!
Randy Thompson
Randy Thompson
I've been talking to Dr. Gray about this procedure for a couple of years. I finally went for it, and I'm so glad I did! I've have a torn meniscus for over 10 years. But now, after only one week. I'm almost completely pain free and walking normal! If you're thinking about having the stem cell procedure. Take it from a guy who was totally reluctant. DO IT! So thank you Dr Gray, and your whole staff! I truly appreciate everything yall do!!
Leigh Paul
Leigh Paul
I’m now on my 4th week here & I'm in such a different place. I came in after being diagnosed with a herniated disc from an MRI & a surgeon’s opinion that I needed a micro-discectomy. I was having pain through the night & day in the back of my entire leg, weakness & numbness (in my foot). I could only walk a few feet at a time & needed to sit often. I could not drive. Dr. Gray started Decompression twice a day to get me out of pain faster. He was super gentle, uses a wedge pillow & angled my ankle to help the pain. I am so thankful I found him. Heather is awesome too! I’m back to normal activity already! I still have weakness & numbness but it takes awhile to heal from that.
Wilbert Mercado
Wilbert Mercado
Dr Gray has changed my life. Going to Keller disc and spine for over 8 years now for various injuries and always come out feeling fit and stronger. Having the stem cells done to my knees and kept my sports career thriving and I’m still competing at a high level thanks to Dr. Gray!
Jen K
Jen K
Thank you for all you have done for our family!
steven steele
steven steele
I've never been in better hands than with Dr. Gray and Heather. I feel the genuine nature of Dr. Gray and the want to truly help people, coupled with his knowledge of the human body is absolutely unique. I lay on the decompression machine and hear that its not just me he is helping. It seems all his patients are so grateful to have found Dr. Gray too. An absolutely amazing man! If you're in pain, find him. I'm new in town and can only believe GOD has put him in my path, as I don't know where I would be without him. God bless Dr. Gray and Heather.
After trying injections, afjudtnents and lots of painnneds, I was ready to give up and have surgery for my L5 and S1 herniating. I’m so glad that Dr Gray saw my comment on Nextdoor and asked me to come in to try his system. I stopped the pain meds and there was no need for surgery! So thankful!! That was 3 years ago and I’m still good!
Derrick Faulet
Derrick Faulet
Best Chiropractor around! Dr. Gray is amazing very friendly and helpful. And his staff is just like him. Got in car accident and came here and they have done wonders with me. Not only fixing my issues with the car accident, but fixing other issues that I had before and didn’t know what it was. If you need a chiropractic doctor, this one is the best that I’ve been to. You will not be disappointed.

Keller Disc and Spine

Our goal at Keller Disc and Spine is to relieve pain caused by spine and nerve damage through regenerative stem cell therapy and effective chiropractic treatment. We are an integrated medical corporation dedicated to providing regenerative medical services and chiropractic cares.


1710 Rufe Snow Dr #120
Keller, TX 76248

Phone: (817) 656-1615


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